How cool are castles?

What a fantastic way to start our new  Y1 topic! We had a fun filled day with the prettiest princesses, handsome princes and super cool knights! Everyone looked absolutely fantastic and what a huge effort you had all made!

We began our day by working collaboratively in groups to create a 3D lego castle. There were certainly some  very extravagant, creative and interesting designs! It was so nice to see everyone working so well together to create the coolest castle! We followed this by drawing what we think a real castle looks like.

After having a banquet at lunch time and the knights practicing their sword fighting, we created our own tiaras and crowns which all looked fantastic! We then discussed what the role of a knight is. We then created our own knight collages which we can’t wait to show you!

After such an exciting day we can’t wait to see where our learning will take us next into the world of castles!


Apple Pie Party With Parents

Thank you to all the FS2 parents who were able to join us for our apple pie party! The children and parents had a wonderful time making (and eating!) the apple pies and participating in lots of apple themed activities. A few favourites included apple pattern printing, apple bird feeders, apple crafts, programming the Beebots through the apple maze and apple tasting!

Room On The Broom

The children looked wonderful today in their costumes! We have had lots of fun talking about the story and the characters from the Room on the Broom story. We enjoyed designing our own witches’ hats and making spooky potions. We used small and large cauldrons and discussed whether they were full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty.

Jack the Hedgehog

Today we were visited by Jack the hedgehog. We had such fun meeting him! Frank, who volunteers at Andrew’s Hedgehog Hospital, told us lots of facts about hedgehogs. Did you know that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets? We got to see Jack close up! He has a long snout for sniffing out insects and prickly spines to protect him from predators!


Nocturnal Animal Crafts

The children have amazed me this week with their knowledge of nocturnal animals. They have learnt some really interesting facts about hedgehogs, owls, bats, badgers and foxes. We’ve been very busy in Fs2 this week creating lots of nocturnal animal crafts. We tidied up outside and decided that we could put the leaves that we swept to good use! We created some spiky leaf hedgehogs! We also applied or learning about 2D shapes to make some fox and bat collages.

Bog Baby Habitats with Mums and Dads

A huge thank you to the many KS1 parents and grandparents who came along to get their ‘craft on’ for our Bog Baby habitat Design and Technology afternoon! It was so lovely to see you collaborating so well with your children and the finished products were very impressive indeed! I’m sure that all of the Bog babies will be very happy in their new homes!