Just ‘Roman’ through the woods!

On Wednesday, year 3 went to The Classroom in the Woods as a hook into their Roman topic this half term. They pretended to be Roman soldiers who hunted for food, pitched a tent, threw javelins, made a fire and cooked bread, made leather bracelets and even created a tessellated piece of art work! What a fantastic way to start a topic!

Basketball Intra

Today, the children of 3EP played basketball against each other in their school houses. The Ruby team were the winners. Well done to everyone who participated, as it was very cold, but the children soldiered on!


Lets Go Lego!

For a few weeks now, the children in year 3 have been producing their own Lego Launch to present to parents. As it is the end of the Lego/Natural Disasters topic, the children thought that it would be nice to show the parents what they have been learning about and raise money for the Lincs2Nepal charity. They even made cakes! Everyone had fun and lots of money was raised.

Thank you parents and well done to everyone who took part! 🙂

Volcano Baking!

In preparation for our Lego/Natural Disaster Launch, the children decided to bake some volcano cakes! They worked amazingly in their teams and everyone took part. Now to see how they taste…


Move over fidget spinners, the new craze is painting rocks!

For the past two weeks, year 3 have been reading the book ‘Pebble in my pocket’ and we have been imagining what would happen to our own pebbles. We have been preparing to write our own pebble recount and we have even painted our own pebbles! Today we went for a walk around the village and we decided to hide our pebbles for other people to find.

Bon Voyage pebbles! Stay safe!

Counting in multiples

This week in maths, we have been focusing on partitioning numbers and counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100. We were given the challenge of writing a set of instructions to the children in the Nepal school, explaining how to count up in these multiples using base 10, numicon, counters and lego!  We worked very well in our teams and we have been fantastic maths teachers!


Yesterday year 3 had a visitor in school. Gary is part of the Lincs2Nepal charity and they have been working with villages around Nepal following the devastating earthquake in 2015. Gary and his team rebuild people’s lives by providing them with food, water, care and shelter, even to this day. When Gary left us, we had a think about our lives compared to those living in Nepal and we came to the conclusion that we are very lucky to be able to live like we do.

Thank you to Gary and the Lincs2Nepal volunteers for all of their wonderful work.