It’s beginning to look a lot like advent!

What an exciting morning we have had in Key Stage 1!

This morning, Mrs Deller came to talk to us all about advent and what this means. We then made our very own advent calendar, advent wreath and angels. We even made a class advent wreath using our hands! We had lots of fun and enjoyed  learning all about advent and getting creative – Thank you Mrs Deller!

Where have you been?

This week, we have been looking at different places in the world.

First we read Emma Jane’s Aeroplane.

Whilst we read, we wrote down all of the places that Emma Jane visited.

Then, we talked about where we had all been! As a class, we have been to lots of different places.

After that, we had a look at finding some of those places on a map or in an Atlas.

Shhhh it’s a hedgehog!

What an exciting day we have had! This week, we have began to plan and write our report about a hedgehog. Whilst we were writing, Miss James told us that we would be meeting a real hedgehog today!

Frank from the hedgehog hospital came into school to talk to us all about hedgehogs – he was very impressed with how much we knew. He brought with him his hedgehog and we were able to see him up close and even touch him… we had to be quiet so we didn’t scare him though!

After lunch, Miss James asked us to collect as many brown leaves as we could find, we then used them to collage a hedgehog.

The Bog Baby!

The children in Year 1 and 2 have all enjoyed learning about The Bog Baby this half term! Today, we spoke to our friends about where a Bog Baby lives, where it sleeps, what it eats and what it does – we even had a go at recording ourselves answering the questions!

We were all excited for this afternoon when we had parents and grandparents in school to help us to make a habitat for our Bog Baby. Thank you for all of your hard work and support, our habitats are fabulous and the Bog Babies are very lucky to have such wonderful homes.

Classroom in the Woods

What a fantastic day we have all had at Classroom in the Woods! We looked at living things in their natural habitats, including grassland, woodland and the river.

We searched for living creatures in the grassland.

We found some grass to weave
We looked at creatures that were found in the river…
…then we went in the river! The water was very clear and we could see the bottom.
We found a variety of leaves. They were all different shapes, sizes and colours.
Then we searched for things that were growing. We spoke about why these things are important.
Look at what we found!