Classroom in the woods.

As we have been reading the story ‘Bog Baby’ we wanted to find out about habitats so this week on Tuesday we had an adventure at the Classroom in the woods.  We were exploring four different habitats; woodland, hedgerow, grass and stream.  At each habitat we were given a task.

We had fun exploring in the woods looking for different colours and shapes of leaves to create leaf sticks.  In the hedgerows we found different types of berries and were lucky to see some butterflies basking in the sunshine, however we had to be careful of the spiky bushes.  After lunch we all enjoyed going over the troll bridge and finding (without much luck) different creatures in the grass.  In the grass we also did some grass weaving.  Finally, our group got to go and explore the stream habitat.  There were some small and very quick creatures.  After that we got to paddle in the stream which we all enjoyed.


Author: Miss Bunn

Year 2 teacher

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