Dark day.

Wow! what an exciting day we had to start our new topic.

We really enjoyed going into the ‘dark room’ to look for different nocturnal animals.  We used our torches and had to look high and low to find the animals.  We found owls, badgers, mice, hedgehogs, bats and foxes.

We then became fact finders in class.  We were given an animal and working together we had to find pieces of the puzzle to make our group’s animal.  Behind each piece was a fact, we then used these facts to find out more about the creatures.  Some facts we didn’t know – did you know that hedgehogs can swim?

To finish the day, we all went in the hall where Mrs. Storr read us a bedtime story and we had hot chocolate and cookies.  It was a great day.


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Author: Miss Bunn

Year 2 teacher

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