Intra athletics

After having a few weeks practising different athletic skills we held an intra-athletics competition. We got into our house teams (with a few mixing groups to make up numbers) and had a few different races;

1 – Jumping over hurdles – waiting and running back

2 – Jumping over hurdles – lying on our tummies, swivelling and waiting for a period of time

3 – Balancing a quoit on our head and walking across hurdles there and back

4 – Bouncing over the hurdles, running to a marker and running back

We all had a great time and the points were very close.  Opal = 12 points, Emerald = 13 points, Sapphire = 14 points and the WINNERS Ruby with 15 points.  Well done Ruby and your part-time Ruby team mates George M and Bonnie.

Christmas is coming …

On Friday, Mrs. Dellar worked with us to tell us about Advent.  We learnt about what Advent meant and she showed us an Advent candle and explained what each candle in the Advent wreath means:  Hope, peace, joy and love with the white candle representing Jesus – being the light of the world.

Back in the classrooms we had lots of activities to do;

  • make a class wreath with our handprints
  • our own individual wreath
  • an Angel and
  • we decorated a box which we will use for the class Advent calendar.

We all love having Mrs. Dellar come to work with us as we always have lots of fun.

Food chains

In science, we have been thinking about animals and plants.  First we looked at different habitats and then we focussed on food chains.

What is a food chain?

Can we make different food chains?

We enjoyed making food chains but had to remember what we had learnt about in habitats.


Is this food chain correct?

Sun – cabbage – caterpillar – bird – fox – lion

Classroom in the woods.

As we have been reading the story ‘Bog Baby’ we wanted to find out about habitats so this week on Tuesday we had an adventure at the Classroom in the woods.  We were exploring four different habitats; woodland, hedgerow, grass and stream.  At each habitat we were given a task.

We had fun exploring in the woods looking for different colours and shapes of leaves to create leaf sticks.  In the hedgerows we found different types of berries and were lucky to see some butterflies basking in the sunshine, however we had to be careful of the spiky bushes.  After lunch we all enjoyed going over the troll bridge and finding (without much luck) different creatures in the grass.  In the grass we also did some grass weaving.  Finally, our group got to go and explore the stream habitat.  There were some small and very quick creatures.  After that we got to paddle in the stream which we all enjoyed.

RE – Christian stories.

This week in religious education we listened to a story from the Christian faith.  It was a story about two builders, one who built his house on rocks and the other who built his house on sand.   Jesus told this story as a way of explaining what it means to follow God .  We found out that;

‘The wise man is the man who builds his house on rocks because his house won’t fall down as the rocks give a strong base  and …

the foolish man is the man who builds his house on sand because the sand is soft and will come crashing down’

We tried to demonstrate this using a cone as the house, we created ‘rain’ with some water and looked what happened, the sand began to make the house sink but the house on the rocks didn’t move.

When asked why this happened:

Leo said that “the sand is soft” and Bella told us that it was because “rocks are stronger than sand”, we all decided that the ‘rain’ would eventually wash the sand away.

Where we would build our house?  We all agreed that we would build our houses on the rocks.  We then talked about  our ‘class rules’ and decided that these were the ‘rock’ of our classroom.

Dark day.

Wow! what an exciting day we had to start our new topic.

We really enjoyed going into the ‘dark room’ to look for different nocturnal animals.  We used our torches and had to look high and low to find the animals.  We found owls, badgers, mice, hedgehogs, bats and foxes.

We then became fact finders in class.  We were given an animal and working together we had to find pieces of the puzzle to make our group’s animal.  Behind each piece was a fact, we then used these facts to find out more about the creatures.  Some facts we didn’t know – did you know that hedgehogs can swim?

To finish the day, we all went in the hall where Mrs. Storr read us a bedtime story and we had hot chocolate and cookies.  It was a great day.

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