Intra Athletics – Year 2

Intra athletics

After having a few weeks practising different athletic skills we held an intra-athletics competition. We got into our house teams (with a few mixing groups to make up numbers) and had a few different races;

1 – Jumping over hurdles – waiting and running back

2 – Jumping over hurdles – lying on our tummies, swivelling and waiting for a period of time

3 – Balancing a quoit on our head and walking across hurdles there and back

4 – Bouncing over the hurdles, running to a marker and running back

We all had a great time and the points were very close.  Opal = 12 points, Emerald = 13 points, Sapphire = 14 points and the WINNERS Ruby with 15 points.  Well done Ruby and your part-time Ruby team mates George M and Bonnie.

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