Lego Launch – Year 3


3DN and 3EP wanted to raise money for Lincs2Nepal after their visit earlier this term. Children made up their own presentations to show their parents what they have been learning through lego. Thank you all for taking part and your generous donations we hope  you enjoyed watching and taking part in some of our workshops.

Ali Riley (a sponsor of Lincs2Nepal) came this afternoon to tell us how the money raised from the charity helps those in Nepal. The children wrote letters which will be taken to Nepal next month.

A fantastic end to the topic, well done year 3, you’re all AWESOME!




5 Responses to “Lego Launch – Year 3”

  1. Well done class, was lovely to watch.


  2. I really wish that I was at lego launch and PJ day but I think this term will be good from Eva Wishart


  3. Cheralee Wilkinson November 3, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Watching the kids performance i actually got a lump in my throat, they worked so hard and should be very proud


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